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To cultivate growth opportunities for children of all ages and abilities, bringing together the learned and the learning, in a spirit of helpfulness and respect, to improve our health and wellness, using fitness and sport as a medium to teach life lessons.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

3-4 Session is Full! A few spots left from 4-5

The Fall session of the Fairfield Strength ASE Form and Function program is off to a very strong start. We are currently at capacity for the 3-4 session. If you are interested in this session for the next season please sign up early. We have room in our 4-5, but that too if filling rapidly. If you are interested in our program and are not sure if you want to commit for a full term no worries. Give our program a try - send us an email at fairfieldstrength@gmail.com, let us know when you are available, and if we have room, you are most welcome. We are a program of attraction as opposed to advertisement. Most of our clients are word of mouth. Those who have tried have stayed or told their friends. We offer what most health clubs cannot - functional movement training - Certified TRX instruction, RKC certified kettlebell instructors, and Z-health neural training. Welcome to the best kept fitness secret in Fairfield County. Give us a try, but be careful who you tell - there are only a few spots left.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Fairfield Strength Fall Programs will begin on Tuesday September 22nd. Training sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 3 PM - 4 PM and 4 PM - 5 PM. The Fall classes are filling up rapidly but openings are still available. Please contact us for additional information.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to Work- but what a summer!

Hi All -

Many regrets for the delay in posting this information. Just got back from San Francisco on a long overdue and much too brief summer vacation. Mrs. G and I spent some time on both sides of the Golden Gate - spent some time with Caitlin in Sausilto, did some hiking on the ocean cliffs of Pacifica, and ate some great pulled pork at the Gorilla BBQ - if your ever traveling the Pacific Coast Hwy this is a must stop location.

Seems like the summer just flew by - Not complaining - our summer program was an incredible learning opportunity for our instructors and a wonderful growth opportunity for our program participants. Our programming this summer was the culmination of 3 years of very hard work. We took the best of everything that worked, and fused it with the very best of cutting edge fitness and functional movement science. Z health neural warm up, TRX suspension training, RKC hard style kettlebell training featuring the Turkish Get UP, farmers walks, and presses. We added key components of the Z health S-Phase speed and reaction training, mixed in a little of Gray Cook's Functional Movement Screen corrective strategies, and topped it off with some basic nutritional guidance. As one of our Moms put it - my daughter moves differently since she started working with you... she is more balanced and stable. The same girl's father returned from a long business trip and asked "who is the girl standing by the pool? Does our daughter have a new friend?." The friend was his daughter - she had lost weight, stabilized her core (causing her to stand tall and strong - instead of hunched over), and added definition to her arms and shoulders.

In the past we took baby steps, learning to crawl and then to stand. This year we hit the ground running. You worked and you changed - you felt different - you moved differently - most importantly - you liked the way you moved - the other comment we hear all the time is "my son (or daughter) seems much more self confident since she started training." Cool stuff - on many levels.

So - back to the fall programing. This school year we will be running 3 sessions: Fall, Winter, and Spring. The Fall Session will start on Sept 22nd. The cost is $269 per session for new students, $249 for alumni, and $199 for peer trainers. We meet on Tues and Thursday from 3 PM - 4 PM or 4 PM - 5 PM. When is closed our program is closed. For early dismissals check the blog.

Peer Trainers: This year peer trainers MUST qualify in TRX to maintain their status - qualification is a 20/20 challenge. In addition, each peer trainer shall demonstrate a full pull up AND perform a Turkish get up with an 8 kg kettlebell (both sides). Final note - we will be limiting the number of participants to 16 per session. As always - full and partial scholarships are available on a need basis, no child will be denied participation due to financial reasons.

On a final note - in accordance with Fairfield Rec Dept Policy -- this program will open to non residents 1 week from the start date - so if you are interested pls sign up ASAP. Any questions pls give us a shout at fairfieldstrength@gmail.com.

Train hard, train smart,