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To cultivate growth opportunities for children of all ages and abilities, bringing together the learned and the learning, in a spirit of helpfulness and respect, to improve our health and wellness, using fitness and sport as a medium to teach life lessons.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Fairfield Strength Trainer Beats the TRX 40/40 Challenge

Chris Barrett - Trainer for Fairfield Strength smoked the TRX 40/40 challenge - performing 40 atomic push ups and 41 low rows. Chris - a first year trainer with Fairfield Strength is quickly becoming one of the very best. He definitely walks the walk.

In addition to meeting and beating the TRX challenge, Chris was one of the top finishers in his class at the Fairfield Fire Fighters Half Marathon last month. Congrats Chris! Job Well Done.

Shannon Curry - Fairfield Strength Student meets TRX 20-20 Challenge - Video to follow. Trainer Chris Barrett set the bar and his clients are reaching for it in a big way. Shannon Curry completed the 20/20 TRX Challenge yesterday during our 230 session. Video to follow. Great Stuff Shannon!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Russian Kettlebell Seminar Postponed

Check Blogspot for updates: http://rkcfireprokettlebell.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Programming Cancelled Due to Chance of T-Showers

Field is wet and it is raining. Looks like T-showers are on the way -We can handle the rain but not the threat of lightening. We will schedule a make up class - Check back for time and place.

Not Looking Good for Programing Today.

Please check back for definitive information - but if it is raining or there is thunder and electrical activity at 5 PM our program will be cancelled for today. Make up class arrangements will be announced. Captain

Last Chance! Kettlebell Seminar Deadline Expires Tonight

Gentlemen (and Ladies)

Our second Firefighter Kettlebell Seminar is taking place on August 7-9 at the CT Tank Location in Bridgeport. If you attended our first session you know the quality of this seminar. We received "excellent" reviews on every aspect of our program. The two day basic training program will be held on Aug 7 and 8. At your request a one day advanced training session will be held on Sunday Aug 9. Registration for this seminar has been slow. The registration deadline is next Wednesday, July 29. If you are thinking about participating now is the time to register. Two weeks ago we presented the Fairfield Firefighter's Benevolent fund with a check for $408.32 at their annual meeting. This was the proceeds from our February Seminar. The beneficiaries of this seminar will include the CT Burns Camp Foundation. We currently need about 20 more participants to cover our basic costs. If we do not meet our minimum we may need to cancel this seminar. Many people have expressed interest, but it's time to firm up those commitments. We will still be including a kettlebell with the basic training program - but only for the first 40 applicants. Registration is time stamped. If you know somebody who wants to participate now is the time.

Any help you could provide in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. In addition to firefighters, families and friends we are now inviting PD, State PD, EMS, Military, and EMS Providers (MD, Nurse). We opened the door for you, please help us spread the word and open it for others. Information and registration available at http://rkcfireprokettlebell.blogspot.com/ The life you save may be your own.

Stay Safe,

George "Captain" Gomola RKC

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Got the new TRX Systems - Thanks Denise!

We just added 4 more TRX Pro Systems to our fitness arsenal - Denise Loustau, our friend from TRX in San Fransisco shipped them out on Friday and we got them just in time for training today. We are using a slightly modified version of the All Body Xpress work out. Great Stuff TRX! If you are thinking about buying one - please use the affiliate link on our site - you get a $20 gift certificate and our program gets product credits we can use to purchase equipment or provide scholarships.

Like the way you move...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trainer Profile - Caitlin

Caitlin joined us last week while on a visit back home to the East Coast. She is heading back to the Bay Area in California next week. Caitlin received her TRX Instructor Certification at the TRX World Headquarters in San Francisco. Two weeks ago she was hiking in Yosemite National Forest. We hope she visits again soon.

Wil and V - enjoying the ride...

yes we know - you love farmer's walks...

Kettlebell Training for Emergency Responders

In case you know somebody who might be interested in kettlebell training:


August 7, 8, and 9, 2009

Fairfield Connecticut

Day 1 & 2 - Basic Training
Day 3 - Advanced Kettlebell Training

The first two days (august 7 and 8)are designed for beginners or those wishing to
refresh their knowledge from a previous seminar or training. The final day of Seminar ii (august 9) is for the advanced student – someone who has taken the first seminar and/or looking to move up to a 24kg ball.


Basic Training - (August 8 and 9) $199 includes a 12 or 16kg bell

Alumni Refresher (either August 8 and/or 9) $75 per day does not include a bell

Advanced KB Training - (August 9) $99 Price including a 24kg bell $150

3 Day KB Immersion Package - 20% Discount OFF Total Price

Healthy Lunch will be provided all three days.

Our goal is to share what we have learned and help you become stronger. Check out the website: rkcfireprokettlebell.blogspot.com

Any questions, please contact us via email: rkcfireprokettlebell@gmail.com

Train Hard, Train Smart!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pistols, Farmer's Walks, Pull Ups and TRX

Denis vistis from Germany - Attempts TRX 40/40 Challenge

29 Atomic Push Ups, 15 Low Rows - Not bad for his first time on the TRX. We gave Denis a TRX to take back home with him to Germany with the promise that he conquers the TRX 40/40 challenge in 6 months. Only the top 5% of world class athletes can achieve this mile stone - Denis promises to keep in touch with Fairfield Strength by contributing to our BLOG. Go Denis!

Shake Day - Very Good Indeed!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thursday is Shake Day!

Nutrition is a very important part of your strength training - some say it is the most important part. We are what we eat - and regardless of our fitness goals, we need to feed the machine if we want it to work well. Pre and Post-training nutrition (what we eat before and after we train) is critical. If we eat right before we have adequate energy to train hard and stay mentally alert during our work out. If we eat right after the work out our body will have plenty of fuel to rebuild lean muscle mass and metabolize fat stores. One of the best Post Work Out foods is a protein shake - and tomorrow we will be serving the Fairfield Strength/Trader Joe's basic training anti-inflammatory protein shake.

On Thursday after each session we will be preparing and serving a protein shake for our participants to sample. Frozen Pineapple, Mango, Papaya,Fresh Blueberries, Non-Fat Plain Yogurt, OJ, Fat Free Milk, Raw Oatmeal, and Whey Protein will be blended into a very nutritious post work out snack. We still have a few openings in our program - stop by and check it out.

Life is good. Capt

SAQS - Speed is good and...

Great session today - Spent a lot of time on the basics - Neural Warm Up, Basic Agility Ladder, Dynamic Movement Warm Up, Sprint Warm Up, Timed 40 yard sprints, and technical speed training took up the lions share of our training session. Our goal is to shave at least a full second off of everyone's 40 time - definitely do-able.

We learned about body position and foot strike for the acceleration phase and the fly phase. We learned about arm movement - (even had a few windshield wipers) - and still had time for the "Carolyn's Favorites" the Farmer's Walks. Double 16 KG kettlebells add a nice sense of closure to a training session, especially when followed with Turkish Get Ups. Great stuff - and everybody survived - Don't forget your homework - 1/4 get ups and practice our sprint training - Super Slow, Normal Pace, Super Fast - perfection is possible - just requires a little more effort

Be well, Capt.

SAQS is a go!

Looks like the big chunks have passed us by - we are a go for SAQS at 530 PM - Ludlow MS Field - (behind the school) - If you have not signed up and want to give it a try stop by and get a sweat. Captain