Mission Statement - Fairfield Strength:

To cultivate growth opportunities for children of all ages and abilities, bringing together the learned and the learning, in a spirit of helpfulness and respect, to improve our health and wellness, using fitness and sport as a medium to teach life lessons.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meal of the Week - Grass Fed Burgers from Whole Foods

Regardless of how hard (or smart) you train the lions share of your body composition change occurs at the gutt level - similar to Garbage In/Garbage Out model used by computer programmers - what we put into our body determines how we turn out. At my fire station we try really hard to eat healthy. Every once in a while we have a meal that is scarey good - tonight was such a case - For protien we picked up grass fed beef hamburger patties from the new Whole Foods store in Fairfield. We also picked up some mushrooms, onions, baby spinach leaves, and Bing cherries. From Trader Joe's we picked up Quineoa, organic broccoli, and Thai Gyoza Potstickers. We cooked the burgers on the grill and prepared the rest on our stove. Tried somethign a little different by reverse wilting the baby spinach leaves by placing the onions we had sauted in olive oil on top of the plated spinach - then adding the burgers, then the mushrooms on top of both - and a little soy sauce on top. Worked great - crazy good - and the bing cherries brought it to another level. Definately worth trying.

View from the Creek

Ben and Rob are starting work on the Ash Creek Zen Garden.
Ben's mom did some preliminary weeding to get the job started.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fairfield Strength This Summer

Hi All -

It's been a very strange year - on many levels. This past Spring is the first season I did not coach soccer in as long as I can remember. This is also the first year in the last 10 that I/we are not involved in the State Nutmbeg games. Seems like I learned how to say no - not gracefully, not by a long shot.

The only thing that makes saying no to things that I love possible is the why. If by saying no to something you love it can somehow contribute to a greater good than missing what you have known and loved becomes doable - not easy - but doable. This past year we sacraficed what we have known for what we have been learning - and we have learned so much on so many levels. The lessons when applied have created wonderful change in many lives that we have been fortunate to touch. It has also resulted in some painful goodbyes - but in the big picture we believe that everything happens as it should, and that we will be re-united with those people we have missed when it is right.

Coach - what the heck are you talking about? Sorry - sometimes I ramble - the past year has been a journey of discovery. We at ASH CREEK have spent the last year learning and perfecting our craft - we will never be done - because each day provides the opportunity for new lessons - and new learning - but what we have discovered is that by using Z health dynamcic joint mobility in conjuction with other highly successful training methods we can help our athletes achieve some pretty incredible changes in movement, pain reduction, and athletic performance. We have applied our system approach to athletes young and old, from impaired to elite, obese to highly conditioned. By focussing on the central nervous system and turning up the volume on our internal power control system amazing changes become routine. Here are some examples -

Emergency Services - Kim Massey has lost over 150 lbs in the past year working with us. She has achieved amazing strength, flexibity, and cardiovascuar fitness.

Seniors - Joe Cafferelli's hip pain is gone and he is moving better than he has in over 20 years.

High School Athletes -

Asst. Fairfield Ludlow LAX and Ash Creek Instructor Ryota Hirata applied the Z health neural warm up with the Ludlow Boys LAX team this spring with amazing results - the team experienced only one injury attributed to inapropriate footwear - no use related injures were reported. Quality of movement, accuracy of shots, and overall performance was greatly improved.

Baseball - Fairfield Ludlowe Baseball Head Coach Keith O’Rourke reported that the athletes trained by Ash Creek Fitness were the best conditioned of any that reported to his training camp this Spring - according to Coach O'Rourke "they seemed like they were tuned in, like thier relfexes were faster and more accurate."

So what does this all mean? The Fairfield Strength Summer programming model has continued to evolve. We have training sessions available through out the summer at our new home - Ash Creek Fitness - 3370 Fairfield Ave., just over the Town line in Black Rock. We run small group trainig sessions and train ALL ages and abilites. As always - our primary goal is to provide the highest quality training that is specifically designed to meet your personal needs and help you achieve YOUR goals. Please contact us so we can share what we have been learning - email at george.gomola@ashcreekfitness.com or visit our site - www.ashcreekfitness.com.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Matt's Post Work Out Interview

Matt Podalski - in addition to being our most favorite person and the official Ash Creek Fitness Meteorologist is also our senior member. Believe it or not - Matt was one of the very first students to attend the the original Fairfield Strength Form and Function Pilot program. We are so very proud of the progress Matt has made. Keep up the great work!

Ash Creek Meteorologist Matt Podolsky

Hello, I'm 1350 WNLK AM Meteorologist associated with News 12 CT Matthew Podolsky.

As you see below, a copied print of NOAA's Storm Prediction Center's Severe Thunderstorm watch for the entire Fairfield County until 9 PM EST.

As you also see near moderately below, you'll notice that today's Severe Thunderstorm forecast which is Slight chance of severe weather. And, today's thunderstorm forecast could bring to our area early this evening: Lightning, Damaging winds of 55 mph or greater, and heavy rain. Hail is a possible chance for areas in Fairfield that's above the Merritt Parkway.

Year #5 for Fairfileld Summer Stength

Hard to believe it's year 5 - What started as a pilot program designed to combat childhood obesity and help middle school students learn to use the equipment in their fitness center has developed into a functional agility training model that has been applied with great success to athletes of all ages and abilities.

Perfect Practice - never to failure.
Clean movement, pattern, then load.
Quality is more important than quantity.
The central nervous system is always paying attention!
The last rep (or the worst rep) defines the bar.

Applying these principles and using them as a template that we tailor to suit the needs of every athlete we have the privilege of working with has allowed FS to become an agent of meaningful change. From special needs to performance athletes we have truly changed lives with our programming. That is not said with arrogance. It is said with gratitude and humility. We have shared a little of what we have learned and become a mirror for others to see the greatness inside themselves. It's been a truly wonderful journey.

All programming this year will be held at Ash Creek Fitness - www.ashcreekfitness.com. Cleo is back, as is Mookie. Matt and Evan and Ben have started their summer training. Evan brought his dad - how cool is that :) Matt has developed some crazy strength and is also serving as the official meteorologist for Ash Creek Fitness - his weather updates will appear hear and on the Ash Creek Fitness Face Book page.

Programming for this summer is very flexible - we welcome one on one - small group and family training models. We have room, so please give us a call or send us an email - george.gomola@ashcreekfitness.com.