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To cultivate growth opportunities for children of all ages and abilities, bringing together the learned and the learning, in a spirit of helpfulness and respect, to improve our health and wellness, using fitness and sport as a medium to teach life lessons.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wendy Pond RKC

Congratulations to Wendy Pond- Fairfield Strength Member and our newest Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor. Wendy completed the RKC Snatch Challenge on Friday performing 100 snatches with a 35 lb kettlebell in 4 min and 25 seconds. The challenge allows 5 minutes to complete 100 reps. But the snatch challenge is only the beginning - the gateway to a 3 day trail of strenght and endurance that 30 % of the candidates fail. Wendy was required to demonstrate perfect technique in the deadlift, the squat, the swing, the clean, the press, the snatch and most importantly - the Turkish Get Up. Finally - she had to demonstrated her ability to teach and pass an instructor training practical - her final test was to survive the Graduate Work Out - a grueling work out that seperates the strong from the weak. Wendy destroyed every challenge and recieved her RKC Kettlebell Instructor. Great Job Wendy!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

WENDY MEETS RKC Snatch Challenge

Fairfield Strength member Wendy Pond completed 100 snatches with a 16 kg kettlebell in 4:25 seconds. The RKC instructor challenge requires female instructor candidates to complete 100 snatches with a 16 kg bell in under 5 minutes. Wendy DESTROYED the challenge. Great Work Wendy!! Stay STrong.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fairfield Strength Summer Programs End...

Thanks for all of your hard work - the life you saved may be your own. Check back for information about our fall programs.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SAQS is a go for tonight!

Our last session of the summer season - hope to see you on the field. Capt

Monday, August 17, 2009

Congrats to Denis - TRX 40/40 in Germany!

Thanks to technology, TRX and Fairfield Strength the pond just go smaller. Denis took a TRX back to Germany with him after his visit in July - It didn't take long for him to master the atomic push up and conquer the 40/40 challenge. The above pictures were taken during his recent visit to the Fairfield Strength Summer Session at Roger Ludlow Middle School fitness center back in July. Congratulations Denis - we are very proud of you!


Germany beats the TRX 40/40 challenge !!!

                         Denis Schulte - former trainer for Fairfield Strength


Thanks to my friend and coach Captain Gomola. He showed me all those great exercises that made me faster, stronger and more resistant against injurys. Thanks for all the great programs you send to me. Here is the proof that I'm working hard. I'm excited to do the next challenge ;-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SAQS Training is a GO! As of now...

Hi all -

Cleo and Bobby are heading down from West Haven for tonight's SAQS training program. As of now we are a go. If in doubt pls show up at the field behind Ludlow Middle School. In the event of thunder and lightening the program will be cancelled and the participants will be sheltered at Roger Ludlow HS under the pavilion by the snack bar on the Turf Field.


Friday, August 7, 2009

TRX on the road - Matt in AZ

TRX on vacation. One of the great features of TRX training systems is the portability. Not wanting to miss training Matt purchased his own TRX before heading on vacation. This photo was taken in Arizona - Great Stuff Matt!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SAQS Training is a GO!

Tuesday's Training - TRX on the Track

Fairfield Ludlow HS Maintanance Staff has much work to do over the summer. We try our best to work together to minimize our program impact on their schedule. They are refinishing the floor outside the fitness center this week. We had the option of moving to the yoga studio but decided to move outside instead - great stuff - our photos show the versitility of the TRX training system:

Matt's Atomic Push Up - For Shawna at News 12

Check back at 5 PM - Poss. Thunderstorms