Mission Statement - Fairfield Strength:

To cultivate growth opportunities for children of all ages and abilities, bringing together the learned and the learning, in a spirit of helpfulness and respect, to improve our health and wellness, using fitness and sport as a medium to teach life lessons.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not too late - Sign up now for Fairfield Strength Fall ASE Program

The Balance Drill below is only one of the Z Health "S" phase components that will be included in our eclectic blend of functional agility training. We pack more into one hour of training that most gym classes pack into an entire semester. Ok - maybe a slight exaggeration - but not really. We begin each training with a Z health neural warm up - from the toes to the nose - literally. We then learn power breathing techniques that strengthen the core with every rep of every exercise - basically like doing arm curls and super sit ups at the same time. The TRX Suspension Training System makes this possible. The TRX is used by the US Men's and Women's National Soccer Team and just every high level elite athlete or trainer for a reason. It works!

We also utilize speed and agility ladder training to improve speed and agility (makes sense) We use the same movement patterns designed to make D-1 soccer players move better on the pitch - we slow them down, learn them perfect, then speed them up. It's amazing how quickly anyone can learn to move better.

They say undersell and over deliver- so check us out -limited openings - first session free if your not sure. Use the registration link to the right, sign up, and if you want to stay write a check later on. Attraction not promotion- if you want to move better we can help.

Balance Training Tips from Z Health

Fresh back from my R-Phase Certification in San Francisco. It was a special privilidge to spend the final 3 days of my R training under Dr. Cobb, the founder of Z Health Performance Systems. Christina thinks I have become an elitist. That my views of other training modalities has skewed any hope of a balanced approach to functional training. Despite my new learning exuberance nothing could be further from the truth. The key is to find balance and purpose in all things. Nothing works always - some things work better than others - the bottom line is that our training must be efficent and purposeful. Every training session must have a goal that when combined with other goals will encourage good change through better movement. Our lives are filled with fitness options - from Zumba to Aerobics and everything in between. The key is to find out what works best for our body today. And then to perform what works effiecienty - utilizing perfect form, dynamic postureal alignment, using the proper amount of tension and speed of movement. Now for the kicker - avoid those things that the body doesn't like. Bad movement, painful movement, scary movement, or any external variable that our body percieves as threat. We can save the whys and hows for the next post - but for now - look at one example of a Z drill that is designed to improve balance. This is taken from the Z Health page. Please check out thier site when you get a chance.

In Health,


Real-World Balance Training

Falling is a huge fear in a lot of people (right up there with public speaking, spiders, snakes, and believe it or not, clowns).
Balance training is a great way to help prevent falls.
We have a simple, but not easy, balance training program that we teach in our Essentials of Elite Performance workshop.
It doesn't involve Bosu balls, wobble boards, or any other training device. While these are great tools, they aren’t the Z-Health favorite for balance training.
Because unless you spend the rest of your day living on a Bosu ball, wobble board, or other similar device – by doing balance training on one, all you are doing is getting better at balancing on that device. Most of us spend our time on a (relatively) stable surface called planet Earth. So, since that is where we spend our time, that is the type of surface we should use for our balance training.

The Drill

Make sure there is something nearby to grab on to for balance
Stand on one leg
Turn your head to the left, and hold for 10-15 seconds
Bring your head back to neutral
Turn your head to the right, and hold for 10-15 seconds
Bring your head back to neutral
Tilt your head forward, chin to the chest, and hold for 10-15 seconds
Bring your head back to neutral
Tilt your head backwards, and hold for 10-15 seconds
Bring your head back to neutral
Tilt your head to the left, and hold for 10-15 seconds
Bring your head back to neutral
Tilt your head to the right, and hold for 10-15 seconds
Bring your head back to neutral
Switch legs and repeat.
Many people, when they start, can’t hold any of these positions for more than a few seconds without having to hold on to something or touch the other foot down. That’s a very normal place to start, but 10-15 seconds is where you eventually want to be.

Eyes Closed

Now, start over, but this time with eyes closed!
Why eyes closed? Because we blink, sneeze, get stuff in our eyes, and squint in to the sun. It’s important to be able to do this eyes open and eyes closed.

P.S. About those Bosu's... we're not saying throw them out. They are fun to play on and can be a valuable rehab tool in the right context, so they have a place. But, for balance training, give this a try and see what you think.

If you have any questions about anything in this article, give us a call at 888-394-4198 or email us at info@zhealth.net and we can give you a hand.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Programming Starts Tomorrow

Fairfield Strength Form and Function Program Starts Tomorrow!!!!

We still have openings - if you are interested but not sure give it a try. Fill out the registration form so that we know you are coming and have the information necessary to keep you safe. Try it out - no obligation or commitment. Our philosophy is attraction not promotion. We offer a very unique combination of fitness, neural musclular programming, socialization, nutritional guidance and life skills. If you have taken our program before you know. If this is your first visit to FS then we want to make sure that is a good fit - from both sides of the aisle. Our time is valuable - so is yours (and more importantly - so is your child's) If you can benefit from our programming, if we can help you meet goals and experience real change then we are willing to invest our time in you. This is not guided play activity. The program we deliver is designed to change the way you move by changing the way you think about moving. Our joke is "it's not brain surgery but it is." So - before I over sell - if you want to check us out then fill out the form and stop by. Google "Z Health" and TRX to get an idea of our progamming.

We have limitted openings and once the word gets our we fill up very quickly. We would rather train 4 students who move and think differently as a result of our programming than 40 that just get a sweat. Any questions pls send us an email - fairfieldstrength@gmail.com.

In health,

George Gomola

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Year at Fairfield Strength

This year in Fairfield Strength – Form and Function

Program starts on Tuesday September 14th. Registration is limited*. We have 2 classes per session: 3 PM -4 PM and 4 PM – 5PM. Each session meets on Tuesdays and Thursday after school in the Roger Ludlow Middle School Fitness Center. We meet a total of 14 times over a period of 7-10 weeks to allow for school vacations and holidays. One or two make up classes are included in each session. When school is closed due to weather or emergency we are closed. We are open during early dismissal due to conference days. WE ARE CLOSED if there is an early dismissal due to weather or emergency.

* Subject to program directors discursion.

Cost is $199 per session. First Session will begin on Sept. 14, the following sessions will begin on Nov.16, Jan 18, and Mar. 22. Registration is first come first serve and a waiting list will be maintained. This program is open to all that can benefit providing they can function in a group training environment. Individual training for special clients that require one on one is available through Ash Creek Fitness (www.ashcreekfitness.com) For additional information please contact Ash Creek directly. A waiting list will be maintained to fill openings as they become available.

Program Information -

We are entering our 4th year as an afterschool enrichment program at Roger Ludlow Middle School in Fairfield. What began as a pilot program to combat childhood obesity has evolved into a holistic functional movement training program that has helped to create small miracles in many of the lives that our program has touched. Our unique blend of functional movement training utilizes the Z Health "Neural Warm-up" levels 1 and 2, TRX suspension training, Russian Kettlebell "hard style" tensioning and breath, combined with technical speed, agility, vision and reaction training to produce an extremely unique and synergistic blend of training that adapts to every student. During our 4 years we have worked with clients with almost every level of ability and disability – from autistic children to performance athletes, overweight, underweight, cancer victims (survivors) , kids with ADD, diabetes, central processing disorders, low muscle tone, movement challenges, and of course our most challenging – the normal (whatever that is) middle school student.

Parent Reviews:

The Fairfield Strength Training Program has had an unbelievable change on Matthew's fitness. His endurance has increased tremendously, he used to have very low muscle tone and that has gotten so much better, his posture has greatly improved and he is now all muscle, no fat. I cannot say enough good things about this program. George and all the trainers have taken so much extra time and had extreme patience with Matthew and I am very grateful for all that they have done. Thanks!!

Margaret Podolsky

Our program has provided mentoring and intern hours for over 50 university students studying exercise physiology, physical therapy, adaptive physical education, and adaptive physical therapy. Here is what one of our most recent SHU interns described his experience at Fairfield Strength:

Student Intern Reviews:

Mr. Gomola,

I just wanted to thank you again for allowing Jeff and I the opportunity to intern with you and Wendy for these past few weeks.  I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we definitely learned more with you guys in such a short period of time than we've learned at any one of our other interning locations this semester.  The things you've taught us really captured my attention.  I have already started researching more on my own in regards to the TRX and Z-Health programs.  I feel like you have taught us a lot of valuable skills and information that we will be able to apply in many areas of our future line of work.  I became really interested in all of these areas and think it was just a great experience all around.  I would love the opportunity to intern/work for you in the future if that is at all possible.  Thanks again for a great experience.  Hope to keep in touch.

Nick DeMarco

Adaptive Physical Education, Sacred Heart University – Spring 2010

Regardless of what the moms or our interns think – the real test lies in what our students think and more importantly feel about the training program at Fairfield Strength. One of the unique aspects of Fairfield Strength is our conditional acceptance policy. Basically - your acceptance in our program is conditional. Mom can sign you, but if you don't want to be here you can leave. Our time is valuable – so is yours. We believe in empowering our students – we help them set goals then help them realize these goals. We do not like to fail – so we work hard to insure that the goals we set are met. Our students do not like to fail either, and by agreeing to work towards goals that they set we give them control and also responsibility. We make it very clear that enrollment is limited and if they do not want to keep up their part of the bargain we have a waiting list – somebody else would be very happy to take their spot in our program. This idea – although strange at first – is very empowering on many levels – it creates value for our program in our client's eyes – they are one of the chosen few who get to share this journey. They have to work hard and do. If they are having a bad day we remind of their commitment, but also realize that everybody has bad days. Part of our program involves a biofeedback loop – listen to your body – find out what your body likes and doesn't. On a bad day we may just do fun stuff – speed ladder, reaction training, visual cueing, or ball drills. But if the bad day is due to lack of interest, lack of discipline, or just plain laziness – then we need to re-evaluate our contract and our goals – the door always swings both ways.

Our experience has shown that once a student attaches value to a program and begins to see personal growth – they want to stay and are willing to work hard to do so. At FS we use fitness and sport as an opportunity to teach life lessons – not only to our students but also to our interns and our trainers. There are many days that I learn more than I teach, especially from our special clients.

So what do our kids think about our program – because after all – that is what really matters.

My knees aren't as crooked as they were before and i feel a lot more stronger than before I started training .I loved the Z-health Warm up because it truly warmed up every single body part you could think of. Overall relaxes and strches my body well. This training was well put together. Mary M.

Over the past months i am now stonger in all muscles and have balanced out my center of gravity. I have also learned how to move better and quicker but still need some more work. I would love to continue with the program. Danielle Pasciuto

Hello Captain,
Recently you helped me train while i was in chemo. I wanted to say thank you for all you have done for us. And i wanted to let you know that i am through with cancer and am motivated to work out more frequentley thanks to you so i was content with the class as well. see you next year.
                                                                                                        Your student,                                                                                                Logan Howard

They say you should undersell and then over deliver – I am not much of a salesman – but I do greatly respect the opportunity given by so many to play but a small part in the lives of their children and their family. We view our program much like a stone cast into still waters - we hope to create ripples that will touch shores that we may never see. Being an agent of change is a wonderfully humbling experience. We wish you much success on your journey – and if our paths cross we hope to provide some assistance on even a small level. As we tell our students – learn with a teachers mind – if you learn with the intention of sharing what you have learned you always learn better - (You got to give it away to keep it.)

Yours in health and safety,

George "Captain" Gomola

Fairfield Strength






Sunday, August 8, 2010


View from the Creek - classes are done - wish you were here.
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Ash Creek Fitness. Waterfront Functional Movement Training. Located behind the Center for Green Building in historic Black Rock.- www.ashcreekfitness.com
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge - Hiding in the Mist

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The fog has yet to lift over San Francisco Bay. The bridge appears out of the mist as I start my journey across the bay each morning. The fog remains after a long day of Z Health training at the University of San Francisco. This image shows the bridge at around 730 pm (pacific time) One more day of class to end the part 1 of my R-Phase certification. Learning so much. I know that this is the right path - all that I have learned before has led me here - it's all starting to make perfect sense. So much to share when I get back. Stay Safe, Captain

Hills of Marin County

Marin County
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The north side of the Golden Gate Bridge is the home to some incredible scenery - for the coastal village of Sausalito to the quiet town of Larkspur located at the base of this very beautiful mountain.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Fitness Anywhere San Francisco. On Van Ness.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

View from the bridge

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HI All -

Out in San Francisco for the first leg of my Z-Health R-Phase Certification. Get to spend the next 3 days learning about the Z Health R Phase at the University of San Francisco's Koret Health & Recreation Center. Weather out here was a bit on the cold side- 50 degrees when I got off the plane. But it warmed up quickly on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. My hotel is in San Rafael - just a bit North of the city, about a 20 minute commute.

According to Christina the classes at Fairfield Strength went exceptionally well. Everybody worked really hard. Will keep you posted on my progress and share what I can about Z. Stay safe, Train Hard, Train Smart - Captain

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's training session - TRX/Z Fusion and Agility Training

Great training session today at Fairfield Strength Summer Session - held in the fitness center at Roger Ludlow MS. Our first session last Thursday involve a lot of learning - breath, tension, the Z health neural warm up,and TRX basic training. Today we put that knowledge to good use. We started each session with a little cardio - the erg (rower) was the cardio choice of the day. If you ever used an erg you know it takes a little while to get it right - legs, back, arms --- after a while it became second nature for our students. We changed the format a bit by interspersing Z health with training - TRX superman with ankle circles, TRX Chest Press with the toe pencil drill and the invisible box. TRX pull with high knee heel circles. We continued to load movement by combining TRX supermen with chest presses, followed by leg circles - we then really loaded movement with TRX low rows, followed by tricep press, chest press, bicep curls, and more low rows.

We then took a water break and went out in the hall to do our agility work. Using a 30' speed ladder we patterned proper foot work - fast feet - quiet feet using 3 different moves - one foot in, karaoke, and the Iggy shuffle. After the foot movement was properly patterned we focused on arm movement - pocket/chin - Did you know that 30% of your speed comes from arm movement? If you ever played for or trained with me you know that all too well. We finished the speed ladder with some intervals and some work on peripheral vision - all good stuff. Today's focus was on the feet and hands - Thursday we will focus on the knees and hips - utilizing Gray Cook's hop and stop stability training methods to stabilize and pattern l

After the speed and agility component we got back to the hard stuff - trx lunges - we spent a lot of time - 5 sets of 5 reps for each leg starting from the ground up to pattern and load this very difficult movement. We found a whole bunch of hip and knee and hip flexor issues that we have begun to fix. You can't hide movement flaws from trx - the key is to know what to look for - and more importantly - for our students to be able to recognize good movement and bad movement. We fail to perfect - when the movement pattern becomes flawed from fatigue we stop - if the load or the range of movement is too difficult to perform perfectly we reduce until we can do perfect. After lunges we focused on rotational stability - some finished with TGU's - the absolute best total body exercise.

We still have a few openings - registration is available through www.ashcreekfitness.com. Just click the Ash Creek Logo on the right side of this page and it will take you to the Fairfield Strength Registration Page. Our first training session is always free - We try to make our fees as low as possible to make our programming assessable to all. Like you we have bill to pay, the rent is due on the 1st, but changing lives by improving movement is the most important thing we do. If you have the desire to change we can make it happen.

Remember - train hard, train smart - fail to perfect - dare to be great!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Strength Programs Begin July 6th

Fairfield Strength Form and Function Summer Program begins this Tuesday July 6th and runs through August 12. The program meets on Tuesday and Thursday in the Fitness Center of Roger Ludlow Middle School. Our 4th summer of programming will prove to be the very best ever. Our cost is down from last year - 6 weeks for only $190! That boils down to less than $16 dollars per class (tax not included).

The price reduction is due in part to partnership with Connecticut's newest and best functional movement training center - Ash Creek Fitness. Ash Creek provides the technical support and web presence necessary to streamline the registration process so we can keep our costs low. WE CAN NOW ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS!! Ash Creek also provides the staff training and support necessary to provide the very best functional movement training to athletes of all ages and abilities. From Special Needs to D-1, to Pro - we provide individualized training at an affordable price. You don't have to pay the most to train with the best! Ash Creek also provides an ideal location for make up classes. Located waterfront on Ash Creek just over the line in historic Black Rock our location is the best kept secret in CT. Hidden in plain view we have the best site around, located behind the "Center for Green Building" on Route 1 just over the bridge.

While the price may be down the quality and content continues to increase in value. We utilize TRX suspension training systems (the same used by the US Men's and Women's Soccer Teams) to provide incredible core stability and total body strength. We also use a Z-Health Neural warm up before and during each training session. Our goal is to clean, pattern, and load movement using simple but effective training principles. This training model is very safe and extremely effective.

Over the years we have had the privileged of working with a full assortment of athletes and clients. From World Class Professionals (say hey to Dennis in Germany - using the TRX training he received form Fairfield Strength to prepare for his matches in German's Bundesliga, to our own special athletes whose improvements in functional movement continue to awe and humble our trainers (Go Matt, Harry, and Craig!!)

We have spent a lot of time working with our Lady Falcon Soccer players as well as players from Laurelton, and Joel Barlow. The injury prevention and sports hardening training we incorporate in our strength program has fixed many a broken premier soccer player.

We also have done some amazing things with LAX, football, and basketball players looking to get a head start on their seasons. With TRX movement starts with the breath, the hips, and the core - train athletically to perform athletically!

Our program is very simple but also cutting edge - we use core training principles that adapt to any population. It's not too late to get ready for summer, for fall sports, or just to become the person you have dreamed about - if you don't like the way you move we can help you change it - become stronger, more flexible, and resilient. The side benefits are also very good - weight loss (one of our clients has lost 7 lbs in the first 2 weeks while improving total body strength and increasing lean muscle mass), improved balance and coordination, firm abs, arms and legs, improved stamina and endurance.

Now for the down side - Space is limited. We are allowing just 8 participants per class - but the good side is that we have 4 classes which meet on Tues and Thurs - 845-1015, 1015-1130, 1130-1PM, and 1PM - 230. Sign ups are through Ash Creek Fitness - www.ashcreekfitness.com. You can sign up for the whole 6 weeks (12 sessions) for an amazing $190 (plus tax) If you are not sure sign up for a free class (the first class is always free) and if you are limited for time and or cash you can sign up in 4, 8, or 12 class increments.

Other Options - if these program hours do not fit your schedule or if the class you want to join is filled up we will honor these prices at Ash Creek. Just get a min of 4 friends or family members and we will for a class just for you at a time that is mutually convenient. If you seek one on one, or have special needs that cannot be handled well in a group setting - we have special prices for private sessions that can work in your budget.

The coolest part of this year's program is welcoming back some of our old trainers who have completed their educations, spent some time in the field, and now have headed back home. Alexa Rodriguez - former athletic trainer for the SHU men's soccer program and student trainer at Fairfield Strength has returned from a stint with a HS program in Gainsville Georgia - A-Rod will be working with our sport athletes and our special needs clients. Chris Barret is returning to us as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach - with a degree in nutrition. Both have worked with FS and exemplify the very best in all we stand for.

Regardless of our affiliation our goal is to provide opportunity - to bring together the learning and learned in a spirit of humility and respect to help improve total wellness, fitness, and quality of life. Our goal is to use fitness and sport as a medium to teach life lessons. And what we have found is that often as not we learn more than we teach, and receive more than we give. Have a safe, healthy and happy summer.

George Gomola - Fairfield Strength - Ash Creek Fitness

4 classes are $75, 8 classes are $140, and 12 classes are $190. Sign up at http://www.ashcreekfitness.com

Monday, June 7, 2010

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer Programs Posted Soon!

Welcome to all of our old and new friends. The Fairfield Rec Flyer just came out and and we have a bunch of interest in our summer programs. For those of you who are wondering what Fairfield Strength summer programming is all about - Here is a short highlight video of last year's program.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Early Bird Registration Extended for Kettlebell Seminar!

If you are interested in learning how to train with Russian Kettlebells from some of the best instructors in the counrty, who also happen to be firefighters, consider attending the Second Anuual RKC Fire Pro Kettlbell Seminar being held March 20 and 21 at F.A.T. Ash Fitness Center, 3370 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport Ct. This cost is only $199 for both days. If you are interested please check out the RKC Fire Pro Site at rkcfireprokettlebell.blogspot.com. Consider this your personal invation.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Firefighter Kettlbell Seminar

No Training - School Vacation

School is closed so are we - be safe, enjoy.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Burn Fat – Build Muscle – FAST!

Burn Fat – Build Muscle – FAST!

FAT Max Training – Short duration, High Intensity Training - Burn Fat – Build Muscle.

For maximum fat burning and muscle growth combine compound power exercises with explosive movement in short duration high intensity (sprint) intervals – Kettlebell training is the perfect fitness modality to explore this training model. With few exceptions all hard style kettle bell exercises are compound movements and most can be performed explosively.

The key is to perform a heavy power movement for 4-6 reps (10-15 seconds) followed by an explosive (ballistic or plyometric) movement for 9-20 reps (15-60 seconds). An example of this would be a 6 rep/9rep sprint interval followed by a 15 sec. active recovery interval.

6 hip hinge deadlifts – heavy or double bells followed immediately by 9 ballistic deadlifts with a lighter bell. Double 16’s for the 1st set and a single 16 for the second. Follow with a rest interval that is ½ the total training interval – repeat 8-10 times. Example – 6 reps = 10 second, 9 reps = 20 seconds. Recovery interval = (10+20)/2 = 15.

If you use a gymboss timer your interval would be 30/15. Note – this is a very high intensity protocol – the variables that can be manipulated are the recovery and total sets – start with 4 sets, perform a TGU each side, or another active recovery/stability movement (arm bar) then repeat - active recovery interval between cycles should be ½ the total training cycle –

Example – each circuit 45 seconds (30 training and 15 recovery) – you perform 4 sets – 180 seconds – your rest between circuits should be 180/2 = 90 sec.

Fat Ash 69 HIT Circuit - Basic: Maximize Fat Burning and Muscle Building

Warm Up - Start training with 10 n 10 – (10 sets of 10 reps – hip hinge DL )

Training Interval - Dead Lift - 6 reps heavy (2 bells) – 9 reps ballistic (1 bell) – active rest 15 seconds

Repeat 4 x (moderate) 6 x (hard) 8x (intense)

Active Recovery – 90 seconds (TGU one side with weight or both sides without)

Repeat circuit 2 – 4 times.

The final component - maybe the most important – is the nutritional variable – the fuel we use to feed the machine. Here are some thoughts – none is cast in stone, and none should be viewed as a good reason to delay or postpone a work out (any work out is better than no work out – just do it!) But if we are to be purposeful in all things, and plan our work out schedule to be as efficient as possible and maximize our caloric expenditure, these factors should be considered:

• To maximize fat burning we want to perform our sprint interval on an empty stomach – the caveat being adequate hydration. This school of thought also recommends some protein (whey) before training to minimize muscle loss during a fat burning session. This model works well for training sessions performed upon waking – if we train after we sleep (timing is relative for those who work shifts) we are basically training in state of mild starvation (if our last meal was 8-10 hrs ago). This forces our body to metabolize stored fat for use as fuel.

• No sugar for 2 hours after sprint interval training – one of the goals of high intensity training (sprint interval) is to force the body to produce HGH (human growth hormone) According to published studies the production continues for several hours after training. The down side is that sugar counter acts this response and shuts down HGH production. Many consider HGH the “fountain of youth” because it stimulates muscle growth AND the growth of connective tissues, bones, and other good stuff. Again – the key variable is no sugar for 2 hours after you train.

• HYDRATE !!! Studies have shown a 20-30% reduction in strength and stamina during training when comparing athletes who have hydrated properly against those who have not. Proper hydration cannot be overemphasized – before and after training – especially if you use caffeine or other stimulants/diuretics.

• Consume 20 or more grams of quality protein ASAP after training. Feed the machine quality fuel – the type and the amount are relative – my recommendation is a high quality whey powder mixed with fruit and low fat milk. By adding the milk you get the benefit of casein protein. Casein protein (pronounced kay-seen) is the predominant protein found in milk. It makes up about 80% of the protein in cow’s milk. Whey makes up the remaining 20%. Whey protein is fast digesting and gets to the muscles fast. Casein protein is extremely slow-digesting protein.

Train Hard, Train Smart - Captain

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Training is on for Today - Thursday Jan. 29th

Big Snow - No Worries

Our policy is that when school is closed we are closed - if there is early dismissal or after school activities are canceled our program is closed. I just called the office at Roger Ludlow MS and was told that there are not cancellations - so we are on. See you there - Captain

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Year in Review - Rough Draft

Smart Strong Stable – (SSS) - 300 work out

The following is a balanced work out that I use to clean, pattern, then load movement patterns in a systematical format designed to improve functional movement and prepare athletes for high impact training. The work out is broken down into several phases- clean, pattern, warm up, pattern and load (power/strength), hydrate, pattern and load - stability, pattern and load - flexibility, cool down and stretch.

The goal is to make the training sessions short - 1 hr max - yet complete. Provide a combination of movements that serve multiple purpose - as with the kettlebell swing - the movement becomes the indicator as well as the training tool - A skilled RKC instructor can observe as swing and know immediately if the movement patterns used are functional and effective. As Gray Cooke put it so well - we do not want to add fitness to dysfunction - providing high intensity training methods to flawed movement patterns is a recipe for disaster. A house built on sand will not survive the storm. Our goal is to build a strong foundation of functional movement patterns, then load them progressively.

Train hard, Train smart,


Smart Strong Stable – (SSS) - 300 work out

Z-Health Neural Warm Up – Level 1


TRX Arm Complex – dynamic warm up

TRX - Functional Clock - alignment

TRX Functional Squat Progression – pegboard, punch, surrender - alignment

TRX-KB Fusion 1 – Push, Pull, DL – 10 sets – 10 reps Super Set - load 300 reps – (KB hip hinge dead lift, trx press, trx low row)


TGU roll and press with pause – 5/5, 3/3, 1/1 with heavy bell – strength and stability

TGU – GTG – no weight 3x in each position: to elbow, to hand, to bridge with extension, to pull through-push to floor-lunge start, finish with lunge holding tension at bottom of movement - flexibility

Bretzel – 45 seconds each side - flexibility

Hydrate/ protein/simple carbs

Total time – 1 hour

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why TRX at Fairfield Strength?

You can't hide anything from TRX - Life breaks and TRX makes - sound kinda corny but...

TRX training begins with the core - hips and core - it requires movement to be synchronized with breath. To learn well and properly pattern movement training must be broken down into bite size chunks. The size of the chunks depends on the student. Some people can handle big pieces, others need things broken down really small. Some even need to learn things backwards - start with the negative and work through to positive. Simple adjustments - like the angle of the system or the width of a stance can make a movement do-able or challenging for almost any level of fitness or dysfunction. All of your instructors have received special training in group and or individual TRX training - your chief instructors have attended the TRX training certifications in both. Perfect practice is what we seek - perfect training is what we teach. Do what you can, perfectly, this will allow you to master technique and eventually meet any reasonable fitness goal safely. 60% of all fitness programs end in injury. For most injury ends their fitness quest. Our goal is to get you there safely.

- train hard, train smart,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

STill RoOm Available in our Tues/Thurs Classes

There are still openings available in our classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Start 2010 off right - do something good for yourself or those you care about. Change the way you move at Fairfield Strength - contact us for additonal information.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today's Training Session

Today's training session went very well. A most hardy welcome to Celi D'Angelo, one of our new students. Great Job Today!!! Celi is one of the Fairfield HS Soccer players who have taken adventage of our winter training - here is the letter I sent out - we still have some room in our programs - if you are interested please check them out - Captain

Subject: Winter Training Ops - Strength and Soccer

Hi All -

I hope you had a very happy and wonderful holiday season. With the New Year often comes resolutions to renew or remake. Fitness or "getting in shape" is usally near the top of everybody's list. I put together a couple of programs which I invite you to consider. As many of you know - I have been conducting winter, spring and summer training ops targeting HS players for quite a few years. We have learned a few things about what works and what doesn't. Taking the winter off definately does not help on any level. Winter should be a time to add smart strength, to fix what is broke, and to work on your close game.

Strength training should be purposeful. A well designed program should identify asymetris (imbalances caused by life or injury) flexablity issues, and strength issues that need to be corrected to prevent injury and improve performance. Just "lifting wieghts" is not always the best solution to add strength where needed. Effective strength training also needs to be athletic - forcing breath to syncromize with movement, be sport specific, and core centered. Strength training should also be combined with technical speed, agility, and reaction/reflex training.

Winter is also the time to work on your short game: small sided play, futsal, and tight possession play. Work should focus on improving and pefecting your technical skills and then practice them in a confined area that involves high pressure and quick decision making.

With those objectives in mind I have the following to offer - space is limitted - 12 max per strength training session and 16 max for indoor SAQS and tech skill training. I have tried to keep the cost as low as possible and have some scholarship money available for anybody in need (please speak with me directly). The target audience is anyone looking to improve thier level of play - from incoming freshman through college players. College players home for the break are most welcome - (Mookie will be training with us). There is no fee for college players who train with us during the break.

Strength Training - Roger Ludlow MS fitness center - Tues and Thurs - 3-4 or 4-5. This program is unlike any other stength program currently available. We uniquely address the stablity issues most damaging to female HS soccer players by utlizing the TRX body wieght training suspension system, kettlebells, and Z-health. We begin each session with a Z-Health joint mobilty neural warm up - designed to align and open joints, restore mobilty, and prepare the body for training. We then use the TRX suspension system to pattern and load funtional movement - basically re-learn or re-enforce proper movement patterns, then progressively load to strengthen and stabalize. We incorporate kettlebell training including the Turkish Get Up to provide resilient strength and explosive power. We also incorporate reactive neural muscular programing - which basically helps develop reflexive movement, propreception, and tracking ablity (hand or foot to ball contact) All very cool stuff that we have been working on for a while. Cost is $149 for 12 classes or $269 for 24 classes. We run through the summer and missed classes can be made up at any time.

Indoor Soccer Training - technical, tactical and agility - Wed Nights 8-930 PM at Burr School - Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 and Feb 10. - Start each session with a Z-health warm up - followed by a Ball Mastery warm up, followed by tech skill training - each week we cover a different techinical skill. Each session will involve possession play and small sided play and will include a technical agility component - speed/agility ladder, rings, etc... Riccardi Mendes, former SHU stand out and graduate assistast to the SHU Women's Soccer Team will be assisting. Cost is 50

Take care,

Coach G

Monday, January 4, 2010

Fairfield Strength is on for Tomorrow!

Fairfield Strength is a go for tomorrow - Tuesday January 5th. We have 2 sessions - 3-4 and 4-5 PM. We currently have openings in both sessions. 12 week (24 classes) cost is $269 for new students, $249 for returning students, and $199 for peer trainers. We are also running a special 6 week (12 classes) for $149. Our program runs year round - and if you miss classes due to vacation or illness you can make them up at any time. We limit class size to insure all students get the personal attention necessary to learn proper form and technique. Our goal is perfection - learn right, train right, perfect practice never to failure. We want to change the way you move.

Registration is performed on line - use the link on the column to the right and fill out form. No payment is required for the first class - we make sure that we are right for you, and that you are right for us. This is not babysitting - if you have goals we can help you meet, or a sincere desire to realize your potential you are most welcome. If not - find another path - our time is valuable - so is yours - find something you love, or that you willing to put your heart into. Then give it your all - life is short - we pass this way but once - opportunities missed are often lost forever - so live this day well and enjoy the journey.

Please address any questions to fairfieldstrength@gmail.com.

Be safe,


Day 3 - working the plan

The end of a year is the time for reflect - the beginning of year is the time for regeneration - to renew and remake. I have been working my plan for 3 days - not perfect, but close. Such is life - 0500 rolled around and I chose to stay in bed - working nights tonight at the FD so I had a window in the morning to train. My morning work started at 0730 and looked something like this -

100 count (stand in a relaxed ready stance - begin counting backwards from 100 on your exhalation - the goal is to quiet your mind and remove distractions that will interfere with your training. When you get to "0" your mind should be still.)

Z Health Neural Warm Up - Level 1

TRX Arm Complex

TRX Press - progressive - 1 min

TRX - Pull - palms down, 45, thumbs up - 1 min

TRX - Reverse Prisoner Squat - 10x

Super Set - Kettle Bell Dead Lift variations with Turkish Get Up variations 10/10

Arm Bar - Kettle Bell


Clean and clear. Pattern and load. Stretch and stabilize. Hydrate and refuel.

Not really brain surgery - or is it?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

The start of a new day, a new year, and a new decade offers many opportunities - to reflect, to reconsider, to remember, to regret, to re-evaluate, and most importantly, to re-direct.

Yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow a only a vision,
But today, well lived,
Will make every yesterday a dream of happiness,
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Live well therefore this day.

Sanskrit Proverb

The goal is to "Live well this day" - for in reality - this is all we really have - to plan, to use, to enjoy, to make a difference. So that is what i tried to do today.

They say that a habit takes 30 days to form - and less to break. Do something for 30 days and it becomes yours - to hold and keep or to let slip away. The hard part is to learn - the easy part is to lose.

So my plan was to plan my days - at least the start - my goal is to start each day the same way for 30 days - identify the things that are important and get them done properly, in the right order - to insure that I use this day well, or as well as time and life's distractions will allow - so that I can make a habit of starting each day well - so that if I start each day well, that I can also live each day well.

My plan looks like this

Start Each day – (0500-0600)

- pray

- Coffee/pre-training drink

- Morning Work out

- Hydrate/Protein Shake

- training journal entry -

- Shower, dress

- inspirational reading

- Review Day Plan made night before

- Check Calendar, Voice mail, email

- Amend daily plan as appropriate

- Read Paper – hydrate -

- Work the plan - as time and life allow,

- be happy, be grateful, be humble, try to make a difference,

Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Happy New Year -