Mission Statement - Fairfield Strength:

To cultivate growth opportunities for children of all ages and abilities, bringing together the learned and the learning, in a spirit of helpfulness and respect, to improve our health and wellness, using fitness and sport as a medium to teach life lessons.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Congratulations - New Peer Fitness Trainers

It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of two new Level I Peer Fitness Trainers for the 08-09 school year: Kyle and David. Each peer trainer applicant is required to submit a letter of request listing their experience, what they have learned, and why they want to become a trainer - here is some of what Kyle and David had to say:

Kyle : I have attended all 4 sessions of Form and Function last year. I would like to be a trainer because I want to teach someone all that I have learned so that they can be strong. I have learned how to use the machines correctly and the free weights. I have learned how important it is for my health and I enjoy it.

David : I have taken all three sessions of Form and Function last year (fall, winter, spring) and I have learned how to work out correctly by using the right form. Ever since I started coming to Fitness Club after school I have been getting stronger and have been able to lift heavier objects so I can help around my house and neighborhood with more chores. I mow my lawn and my neighbors now, and help my Mom carry things she can't by herself. The reason I want to become a Peer Trainer is because I believe that I work well with other kids, especially younger ones. The more trainers there are, the more people will benefit.

Congratulation's to both our new trainers - Captain

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What about SAQS?

SAQS - acronym for strength, agility, quickness and speed training is on the menu for the fall season, but we are waiting for the dust to settle before we settle (pun intended) on a time and place. If you are interested, pls send an email to fairfieldstength@gmail.com, or leave a comment here. Additional information will be posted shortly.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall Session Starting Soon!

Hi all - hope you had a wonderful summer. We will be starting our fall season at the end of September. Registration information will be posted shortly. We will be conducting 2 training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, 3-4 and 4-5 at Roger Ludlow Middle School. The sessions will run from 6-8 weeks through out the school year.

Peer trainers - if you have been with us for 3 or more sessions and would like to serve as a peer trainer please send an email to fairfieldstrength@gmail.com. Level I Peer trainers will be provided with a 50 % scholarship for the first session, and if they do well will be given the chance to apply for Level II - which is a full scholarship AND a small stipend - (yes, that means you get paid).

Parent Volunteers Needed - if you have organizational skills, web skills, photography skills and would like to help out with our program please give us a shout - help us provide the best program possible.

Trainers Needed - if you or someone you know is currently working as a trainer, enrolled in university and studying physical education, exercise physiology or a related field of study, and would like to become involved with our program, please send us an email. The target audience is university students, but will consider high school students on a case basis. The pay is lousy and the work is really hard, but you get to meet some great people.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,

George Gomola
Program Coordinator