Mission Statement - Fairfield Strength:

To cultivate growth opportunities for children of all ages and abilities, bringing together the learned and the learning, in a spirit of helpfulness and respect, to improve our health and wellness, using fitness and sport as a medium to teach life lessons.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

workout of the day at AC

Today's work out was designed for AC's newest disciple - the infamous Mike Jones. Funny how things work out - (pun intended) The first soccer team I ever coached was a U-10 boys team for the Fairfield Football Club - My son John was a U-8 playing up and they needed a coach to to have a team. Mike Jones was one of our players. Now 23 years old and a college graduate - he is training for the Brooklyn Urban-Athlon taking place in November.

Yesterday was our reality check - when expectations meet reality. Humility is a good thing, especially when it makes you willing. Mike had a 2.5 mile run before we started our training session and it changed the venue big time. Today was a combination of fixing and loading. The TRX complex took about 20 minutes - the big change was incorporating the single leg deadlift in a TRX complex. Start with a single leg deadlift using the trx strap for support or stabilization - toes on the back leg should be pulled back to the shin (dorsal flex) the back leg should be kept straight - from shoulder to heel. 5 reps right - 5 reps left. The best visual example would the bobbing pink flamingo that some people use to accentuate their drink glasses. Not seen that much in the north east - but I hear it's quite prevalent in the Seattle and other eclectic new wave grunge or metro sexual locations. anyway.....

TRX Complex

Round 1 -
Single leg DL - 5/5
Push Lunge - reps
Pull (row) - 20 reps
TRX Squat - 5 reps
TRX lunge R/L - 10/10
TRX Squat - 5 reps

Round 2,3,4
Single leg DL - 5/5
Push Lunge - 10 reps, TRX Press-10 reps,
Push lunge 10 reps
TRX Delt Flys from lung position - (rotation) 5/5
TRX Tricep Press (alternating lunge) 10
Pull (row) - 10 reps,
TRX Bicep Curls - 10 reps
Single arm row, open, reach, pull, recover - 10 reps
TRX Squat - 5 reps
TRX lunge R/L - 10/10
TRX Squat - 5 reps
Turkish Get Ups - Hip ups 3/3 x 3 with halo's
Swing Complex with Power Breaths and Farmer's Walks

ladder up if your a novice - using form as the limiting variable. Focus on one key point or cue per set - from the ground up - example - think "jump" at the bottom
10 swings - 4 power breaths - 20 yard low carry fw
15 swings - repeat above
20 swings - repeat above
10 swings - repeat, 15 swings - repeat, 20 swings - ect.

for intermediate to advanced perform 20 reps for 10 sets
follow this with a tgu complex - hip ups or full tgu -
finish with a round the world complex - 10's - use a lighter bell (at least one size smaller) and focus on the reps and keeping tight. This work out will sneak up on you - so take your time - perfect practice - never to failure.

island of misfit toys a safe harbor during hurricane irene

thanks to all who expressed concerns for AC during Hurricane Irene. We fared quite well. The greatest toll was human Kim and I both worked marathon shifts of 38 plus hours during the height of the storm. The facility remained unscathed with no loss of power Programming is back to normal and the moon over Ash Creek is really quite beautiful tonight

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Z for Seniors at Parish Ct


Week 3 of our senior Z program. The video shows our get out of bed pain free video - or at least the draft.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zen Garden- a work in progress

many thanks to Rob Ferraro and Lis Gorenstien for all of their hard work in our Zen Garden

this weeks work outs

BARF - Power Day

see better - move better

Craig V

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paridigm Shift - Learn -Earn - Share

Ash Creek Fitness at Parish Court Elderly Housing?

It's Not Exercise - It's Z! Ash Creek started as pilot project designed to combat childhood obesity. Called Fairfield Strength form and function - we partnered with the Fairfield Recreation Department and Roger Ludlow Middle School. Over the years our vision grew to include mentorship and internship opportunities for high school and university students. As stated in our mission statement - our goal is to provide movement training to children of all ages. In that vein we initiated our Z for Seniors program just over 2 weeks ago. We had our second session on Friday - and it was wonderful. Dr. Steve, Meridith, Joe and Mary all volunteered their time to help out. Thanks so much to Parish Court Director Beverly Honychurch and the residents of Parish Court for giving us the opportunity to share what we have learned. You only get to keep it if you give it away. Stay safe.

ash creek shake of the week

Simple but superb - Vanilla Coconut Whey - Coconut water, Low Fat (organic of course) milk, and vanilla flavored whey protein. Mix it together and enjoy - perfect post training drink.