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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Harding HS ASE (After School Enrichment)

When my phone rings and I see the name "Cleo" on the Caller ID the first thing that pops into my head is "what does he want now...."  But in all truth it is a very welcome phone call - because Cleo has always been there for me when ever I needed a hand with any volunteer project, team practice session, or training program.  He has helped with U-5 boys and girls right through High School Summer league Soccer.  He was a trainer with Fairfield Strength middle school program and even broke his best watch helping Mary do high carry farmer's walks at Ash Creek.  He is working with Meredeth on an Americorps program designed to bring TRX and Z Health to at risk High School students at Harding and Central High Schools.  Today's request was to introduce Z health to his Harding HS ASE program. 

I love teaching Z - especially to HS students.  Today's class really enjoyed the sesson.  Did some orthokenetic stuff to spark thier interest - then taught the 4 high pay offs to improve range of motion.  Had the priviledge of meeting Dr. Vida Gupta, the faculty adviser to Cleo's program.  She also teaches biology, anatomy, and physiology at Harding.  She was amazed by our Z program and more importantly how engaged the students became.  We had a wonderful chat and she invited Ash Creek to attend her class and help her inspire her children to learn and understand the central nervous system.   It's funny how situations create opportunities - Our true purpose lies beyond our walls - the lives we are blessed to touch will touch many others and allow us to share the gift of Z.   Cleo took some cool video and some photos which we will post as soon as we get them  - stay well George

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